Meet Our Ambassador

My name is Nomayeza. From the feminine Xhosa name which means “One who is the medicine”, or otherwise loosely translated as “The one who heals”. My mother gifted me with this name when she was anticipating my arrival after having diligently worked as a traditional herbalist and healing people’s physical ailments through natural means. She narrates that when she was heavily pregnant with me and could no longer stand for hours on end,  making her healing herbs for her loyal customers, one particular elderly woman said that she was anticipating the arrival of “uNomayeza” and thus the healer was born.


I am an educator and birth coach by profession and a writer by birth right. My works, in and out of my professional spaces have been intentional and purposeful. Having been given the unique opportunity to work with an alliance that is focused on feminine care , the divine timing of working with GODDESSA FEMININE CARE  is indeed an exciting one . It is a brand that speaks to the care, love, empowerment and acknowledgment of women of all hues. In all the spaces that women across the globe dominate ; be it in their homes , in corporate spaces , in sport and entertainment etc, the ultimate message GODESSA FEMINE CARE warrants is  “We are all gifted in our own ways. The power is in coming to realise your gift and share it with as many people as you can.”

These unique scents all come with their aforethought story .

Each kind of woman is represented with the personified inner perfume which speaks to the beauty of individuality.

With a lasting fragrance , the alliance of Foellie and GODDESSA FEMININE CARE cares about feminine splendour in all its forms and hygiene.


I am so excited to witness the growth of this brand and am certain that , in many ways, it will ripple far and beyond our sphere of knowledge . Building a foundation so rare and leaves an empire women can stand behind. 


I am Nomayeza Khambule , brand ambassador for My Goddessa ZA.

The Craft